Innovation Award

Greater KW Chamber 2023 Business Excellence Awards | Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce


Awarded to a business or organization that has been in operation for a minimum of one year, and has created, invented or developed an innovative product or process, that has resulted in significant and measurable increase in revenue or job creation; productivity or quality; reduction in costs; and/or improvements in service, in the following areas:
• New product(s)
• Management
• Manufacturing processes
• Customer service

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Criterion Weight
Innovative product, service, technology or process developed. 16.0%
Impact on increased revenue or job creation; productivity and/or quality; reduced costs; and/or improved service. 16.0%
Supports and processes the company uses in promoting innovation in their workplace 16.0%
Impact of this innovation on the company and/or industry. 16.0%
Supported the Chamber's Vision, Mission and Goals 16.0%
Overall rating based on entirety of submission kit. 20.0%