Health & Wellness in the Workplace Award

Greater KW Chamber 2023 Business Excellence Awards | Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce


Awarded to a business or organization that has achieved health and wellness in the workplace, mindful of the workplace as a determinant of health. The award recognizes employers that provide strategies, initiatives, policies and/or programs that promote, support, and enhance a healthy workplace and the efforts of workers to remain healthy at work and beyond:
• Been in operation for a minimum of two consecutive years (as of October 30, 2022)
• Demonstrate leadership and innovation in workplace health and wellbeing with measures supporting both physical and mental health
• Provide exercise opportunities for employees while at work
• Promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle
• Protect employees through a safe physical environment

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Criterion Weight
Leadership and innovation in workplace health and well-being, with measures supporting both physical and mental health. 20.0%
Exercise opportunities provided to employees. 20.0%
Promote wellness in the workforce, and support work life balance. 20.0%
Supported the Chamber's Vision, Mission, and Goals. 20.0%
Overall rating, based on entirety of submission kit. 20.0%